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Known as the ‘City of Snails’, Auckland is a city in New Zealand’s North Island. It is the largest urban area with a population of more than 1.5 million. This city propounds a diverse mix of culture, colour, contrasts and landscapes. Auckland will please the shopaholics, as it has some crazy places to shop from. The beautiful views surrounding Auckland, will get your adrenaline pumping.


1. Auckland Sky Tower– This needle-like city tower is the essence of Auckland. People specially come here to see the beauty that Auckland has stored for it’s visitors. It is 328 metres high and has been regarded as the New Zealand’s highest building. You can snap the perfect city panorama by reaching upto the top of the building. It has the city’s only 360 degree revolving restaurant, which has been named as Orbit and is on the 52nd floor.

2. War Memorial Museum- It is located at the vast Neoclassical building which sits on the highest point of Auckland. This renowned museum has been dedicated to the soldiers of the World War 1. Now, it highlights the facts that trace history and also the Natural Heritage of New Zealand.

3. One Tree Hill– This 182-meter high hill can be proudly stated as the symbol for of Auckland. This beautiful place sits amid the the lush Cornwall Park and takes the southwest corner of the park. It is residing here since the Pre-European Era.

4. Waiheke Island- It is one of the most popular places to visit, as it can be summed up as gorgeous. The bliss that you will attain here is remarkable. The coast hosts art galleries and burgeon cafe culture. For all the walkers and hikers, the three hour walk to Church Bay Circuit showcases the best the island has to offer.


1. Britomart- For all the luxury fanatics, this is the spot for you. This place has all the trendy and new collections from your favourite designers like, Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester, WORLD, etc. Also, you can see other brands like Tiffany & Co., bobbi brown, chanel, jo malone london etc.

2. Ponsonby- Here, the fashion icons and the designers subjugates. The local boutiques here also presents clothes and accessories from renowned designers to make you swoon. Also, apart from the apparels, you can also witness stuff like furniture, gift shops, and kitchenware shops, which are going to tempt you with their bewitching window dressings.

3. Parnell– Wandering around the shopping hubs in Auckland, and not finding the exquisite things you wish to shop for? Don’t worry. This place isn’t going to let you down. If you are wanting to buy designer decor, exquisite fashion and marvelous jewellery, then this is the place waiting to grant your wishes.

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