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Flying first, business and premium economy with us to Bangkok will give you a true luxuriating experience. Therefore, allow us to make your journey fruitful. We excel in being the travel consultants, thus, everything will be arranged and catered according to your needs. We value our customers; therefore, it’s our assurance to make your 365 feet above the ground experience worthwhile.


Bangkok is the capital of the most chosen traveling destination, named Thailand. This place will never fail to please you, as it is packed with a lot of valiant activities and the most groovy nightlife. Whenever someone hears of Bangkok, the first thing that pops into their mind is ‘Massage and spas’. Bangkok is so much more than this, and we will explain how.


There’s so much that Bangkok has to offer, that ‘where to go’, and ‘what are we going to do next’, will be the last concern you are ever going to have.

1) Wat Arun– Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok and the most renowned one. Whoever visits Bangkok, makes it a point to spare their time and visit this at least once. Seeking blessings from the deity can never go unnoticed. This temple is also familiar with the name of ‘Temple of the dawn’, as it renders magnificent views at night.

2) Grand Palace– This place should surely be on your bucket list, because it is aesthetic. We could exhibit an idea by the name itself that this is a palace. This palace belonged to King Rama of the Rattanakosin Kingdom. It also hosts royal ceremonies, fancy dinners and augmented tours for every type of traveler.

3) Chao Phraya River– Every tourist’s holiday will be incomplete without visiting this place. The tranquility you attain here is speechless, and you suddenly feel all your worries have flown away. This river has innumerable experiences in store for you, such as the captivating dinner cruise and the joyous ferry rides.

4) Ocean World– In Bangkok, and not exploring the sea world? That’s totally unfair. There are more than 30,000 curious looking creatures waiting to welcome you, and make your experience even more worthwhile.


Now we are all familiar with the most common places in Bangkok, but don’t you want to explore the not so common sights? Let us introduce you to some places that are Bangkok’s treasure, that is yet to be unveiled.

1) David Beckham Buddha– We all know David Beckham is the God of football. In the Pariwas temple of Bangkok, a face which is very familiar came across to the visitors, which made them realize that this is David Beckham who is sporting his football kit.

2) Cat Cafe– The cute, furry animal makes us feel joyous at every step. So why not open a cafe specially dedicated to them? The idea behind this is very unique, as everybody gets the chance to play with these furry buddies, and have every day as caturday!

3) Pak Khlong Talat– This is a wholesale flower market, making all the flower obsessed people really happy. You will be enlightened to see the variety and kind of flowers that are in store of you, rendering fresh and swoon-worthy fragrance.

Bangkok is a city which is going to appealing at every step. It is just going to get better at every moment when you are in Bangkok, and nobody should miss it. So, let’s entertain you with the finest flying experience, and give you no chance of complaints anywhere.