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Like Dubai renders the image of a happening and blissful stay, we tender the same flying experience to you. Everything will be formulated according to your needs, and demands. Our travel consultants are readily waiting to assist and host you. So, come and book your flight to Dubai with Travelin Business, and go on a voyage together.


Dubai is a luxurious destination which as the city of Glitz and Glamour, doesn’t require much introduction. It is the first city to have introduced 7 stars hotels. The city that is rich in its culture yet consists of a peculiar and exuberant nightlife. Dubai can be synonymous with opulence and invigorating.


1) Burj Khalifa– The tallest building which is heavenly, fanciable and aesthetic. We can name so many adjectives for it. You can see the whole of Dubai from being on the 124th floor. It opens around 8:30 AM, and closes at 1 AM. It is a sight that cannot be missed while being in Dubai; The Burj Khalifa has the ability to confer your thrills.

2) Burj Al Arab– It is the most expensive hotel – standing on an artificial island. The shape of this hotel is designed to indicate the image of a ship, which is sailing. It has a helipad near the roof of the hotel, thus taking the standard of luxury to esteemed heights.

3) Dubai Mall– It is the premier mall, providing entry to more places; Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium. The shopping and eateries here are endless, so one doesn’t need to spend a lot of time on thinking ‘what to do’. The mall always has some kind of activities going on like music gigs, or fashion shows. Thereby, the most happening and luxurious mall will never go out of style.

4) Jumeirah Mosque– When in Dubai, visiting a mosque has to be a salient thing. Who doesn’t want to attain peace? It is considered to be one of the best mosques in Dubai. Visiting this place in the evening will enable you to see Jumeirah Mosques lit with floodlights. The tour of this mosque starts from 10 am daily.

5) Dubai Aquarium- It is ranked among the top tourist attractions of the city. The aquarium is on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, which is a host for 140 species of sea life and are in a massive suspended tank. It is free of cost, and their are different activities happening inside the tunnel allowing you to see the sea life in a unprecedented way.

Best Hotels in Dubai:

1) JW Marriott Marquis– The most outstanding hotel, which will make you feel on top of the world. Their services are commendable and will proffer you the best of the amenities. It is the world’s second tallest hotel with a twin-tower skyscraper complex in Dubai.

2) Taj Dubai– It is one of the best luxury hotels which is near Burj Khalifa and other renowned places. It is a disparate fusion of extravagance, power and luminous lifestyle.

3) Intercontinental Dubai– This is a new hotel which is just a walk from Jumeirah Beach. It is synonymous for a luxurious lifestyle, spending furnishings, and custom artwork.

The most happening city – Dubai has the capability of making you feel out of style, because of the grandeur it upholds. Explore the remarkable city with Travelin Business, and choose us. Let us have the privilege of making your stay surpass even your imagination.