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Hong Kong is not just another city, it is regarded as the pearl of a continent. This alluring city is comprised of more than 200 island and outcrops. People came, and were conquered by the blissful and winsome visual perceptions being offered by Hong Kong.


1) Victoria Peak– If you are given an option to only opt for one thing in Hong Kong, it has to be undoubtedly watching the view from the Victoria Peak. It is a mountain located in Hong Kong, giving people chills because of the beauty it tenders. This mountain is 1805 feet above the sea giving prepossessing views of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbour, Kowloon’s eight mountains and so much more.

2) Star ferry– It is a passenger ferry service operator, carrying more than 26 million riders every year between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. It is functioning since 1888 and shows no signs of withering away anytime soon. It has been acknowledged and ranked in the ‘Top 10 most exciting ferry rides’..

3) Lantau Island– This is the largest island in Hong Kong, which lies at the mouth of Pearl River and is a hub for people. From a long sandy beach to shopping hotels, this island has it all. The main attraction here is the Big Buddha, which is near Ngong Ping 360 Gondola, and you catch marvelous views of the South China Sea, The Hong Kong International Airport and the countryside.

4) Man Mo Temple– This temple was built in 1847, which specifically offers blessings from The God of Literature and the God of War. You can see a lot of fortune tellers sitting there, waiting to host your presence. In Hong Kong, people tend to believe and adhere a lot to fortune tellers.


Visiting a nightclub in Hong Kong is like a part of a custom which cannot be breached. One has to visit the nightlife that Hong Kong has to offer, as it is not ordinary.

1) Volar– This nightclub offers two rooms which has 2 genres of music being presented. In one room you can groove onto commercial and hip-hop tunes, and in the other room you can jump and party on the EDM and house music. The layout of this club is very futuristic and has neon lights all over. This club always has a queue, so be there on time.

2) Ce La Vi– Ku De Ta, is the team behind this successful nightclub which has red interiors and sophisticated rooftops. Every day has a new theme, for example, Wednesdays are especially dedicated to ladies as it a ‘Ladies Night’ and they get free complimentary drinks, giveaways and so much more. On Fridays, it is a more of a bass-driven house. So, every day is ultra crazy in Ce La Vi.

3) Play Club– It is one of the most popular clubs in Hong Kong, which has all kinds of socialites present in the club itself. The dance floor is enormous here and is considered amongst the largest in Hong Kong. There are different sections particularly designed for every guest, as some may like to dance on the dance floor, whereas there are some people who would want to enjoy their champagne is a more enclosed place so a VIP room is specially built for them. This nightclub is a must visit when anybody is in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong being the most exciting place needs a traveling experience similar to it. Thus, fly business, first or premium economy with us and find yourself in the best hands. We value our customers to the utmost level and don’t want their experience to be futile in any way.