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This enchanting city can be summed up in a sentence, which is ‘City of Angels’. It is the second most visited area in the United States of America, having a population of four million. Los Angeles has oodles of world exalted sites and attractions, and deciding what to do can be a perplex task. LA is diverse in its culture, with a germinating culinary scene, heaps of shopaholics, marvelous museums and the soon to be a creative center of America.


1) Universal Studios– It is the most talked about and a known place in Los Angeles. Every tourist is exuberant to visit this place, as it is one of the most hyped places and who wouldn’t want to explore it. The most entertained aspect of Universal Studios, are the rides. Also, you can visit a three-block entertainment area which comprises of shopping, dining options, and theatres.

2) Disneyland Resort– Whenever one pictures Disneyland – rides in a thematic set pops up, and it is true in every sense. It has seven lands, which are specifically dedicated to movie themes. Disneyland also offers various other facilities like hotels, restaurants, shopping and a lot of other prerequisites.

3) Hollywood– This word itself has so much excitement implanted in it. Hollywood has so much of history and iconic sites indulged, that it makes one curious to at least go and visit this place once. Watching the Hollywood sign formulates different types of excitement in oneself, also there are a lot of other places to visit here like the Chinese theatre, Hollywood walk of fame, Runyon Canyon, etc.

4) Venice Beach– Life is the art of capturing experiences, and so is Venice beach. The beauty it upholds supersedes every natural thing also. It is popularly known for the canals, beaches, ocean front walk, and a promenade where a lot of artists perform and captivate people with their talent.


1) Urasawa– It is one of the finest sushi restaurants in America, making it one of the luxurious restaurants. This restaurant is run by the head chef, named Hiroyuki Urasawa. Their multi-course meal is definitely a must try, as it has a kaiseki like element engrossed in it.

2)Providence– It is a seafood restaurant in LA, which is incredibly famous. They prepare excellent fish, consisting of drooling flavors. This place is a perfect blend of class and sophistication, which allows you to choose from Cirumasti’s inventive food and cocktail menus.

3) Melisse Restaurant– It is considered amongst the plushest restaurants in Los Angeles, having the best ambience. Chef Josiah Citrin creates impeccable dishes, which are a treat to one’s palate. The Carte Blanche menu is for the people who want the best of the best food.

Los Angeles is a place which has been delicately carved by God. It is the epitome of grace and grandeur. So make your experience in booking flights as well as traveling equivalent to Las Angeles. Book your tickets with Travelin Business as we specifically organize everything that is best suited to you and as per your requirements.