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The journey with Travelin Business, won’t just be considered as a normal one, it will always be considered as something valuable and exquisite, just like Maldives. We make it our utmost priority in rendering the best services to our customers. Our staff have been regarded as excelled in hospitality and we focus on maintaining that image. Therefore, you will be acquainted with the best people who will be escorting you throughout your journeys and will be working quintessentially for you.


Maldives is a pure example of dreams coming true. Visiting this place is like being acquainted with beauty. Remember the impossibly ideal screensavers we had on our desktops which were the true epitome of beauty? Maldives is nothing less than this, you would never want to leave this place, as it offers a diverse variety of purely everything


1. Scuba diving- It is the premier scuba diving destinations on Earth, and if you are in Maldives then it has to be as a compulsion to go diving once in your lifetime. You can witness amazing things when you are under the water and can get acquainted with so many sea animals. You will actually experience and realise the true meaning of life once you go under water..

2. Dolphin Spotting- Hands down, the dolphin excursion is one of the most zestful experiences one is ever going to experience. Those cute, friendly creatures are nothing but a treat to our eyes. They are Maldives most active creatures.

3. Island Hopping- There are lot of people who are working on the islands. Make sure to book an excursion to visit the nearby communities and explore so much there. You would be witnessing how small these islands are, but will be surprised to know that most of the things are happening around here only.

4. Surfing- It is a world class surfing destination and should be immediately inserted in your bucket list. Don’t worry about being a pro, as there are a lot of islands where you can take some surfing lessons. You will be delighted to see the craze of surfing there, as millions of people experience surfers go on this adventure in the morning.


This beautiful destination has a lot of things to offer, like every person’s favourite thing; SHOPPING!

1. Male Local Market– This huge and famous street market is located on the north waterfront. This has been the favourite of all the locals, as you get to see diverse variety in here. From local handicrafts, momento to gift items, everything can be availed here. Packaged sweetmeat, palm slippers, home decor made of seashells should definitely be bought.

2. Majeedhee Magu- It is a sprawling street market in Maldives, which is home to almost everything. You can get garments, accessories, electronic goods and so much more in here. Also, there are some amazing dining options here, where you can quickly hog onto and then resume back your shopping.

3. Island Bazaar- This shop is equivalent to the beauty of an island. The shopping experience here will always be unique, as this classy and posh boutique does not only sell lifestyle products, but are also home to exquisite handicrafts.

Thus, Maldives has always been regarded as a beautiful city because of the grandeur it upholds. Travelin Business makes it a point to render a pleasant experience to you, because like the island itself, we also are an epitome of perfection.