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The city of lights, fluoresce and enchantment, visiting this place repeatedly will also never bore you. It is a city which never sleeps, and it is amongst the world’s major commercial, financial and cultural centers. It has the power to sway you away with the food, fashion, arts and nightlife scenes..


1) Statue of Liberty– You are going to bow your heads down once you look at the spectacular Statue of Liberty. It is not just a statue; it is the essence that New York upholds, the beauty which is never going to fade away. She is the symbol of freedom for the million people around the world, as it is a gesture presented by the French government to the government of the USA.

2) Times Square– This sight is a major commercial intersection, which stretches from 42nd to 47th West Street, giving the tourists a treat for their eyes. There are numerous people on the street – showing off their talents, which is undoubtedly remarkable. In Times Square, you are going to witness huge billboards, gleaming digital displays, on location television broadcasts, and so much more.

3) Empire State Building– A skyscraper, which is a 102 story Art Deco, is a true symbol of New York City. It might not be the city’s tallest building, but it is the most celebrated one. The tourists have to see one glimpse of the illustrious building which is a treat to watch on its own. The view of the entire city from the 86th floor is extravagant, but from the 102nd floor, it is even more alluring.

4) Brooklyn Bridge– It is the prominent bridge which connects Manhattan with Brooklyn, relishing us with savory views. A walk around this bridge’s promenade will give you a sense of satisfaction and freshness that you would be longing to have. You would be visualizing the beautiful sight that this bridge vindicates.

5) Central Park– This pompous park located between the Upper West Side and Upper East Side is very famous amongst people. This park is 2.5 km long and will give you exhilarating chills around your spine because of the splendor it empowers. You would be witnessing the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, rowing that is happening on its lake, the pond and Gapstow Bridge, and so many other things.

Best hotels in New York:

1) Casablanca Hotel– This is just a few steps from Times Square, giving you incredible services in the hotel. A social reception of cheese and wine is there when you are checking in, providing the best welcome.

2) The Whitby Hotel– It is located on the upper midtown of Manhattan, giving you a splendid view of the city. It is situated just walking distance from the Central Park. This hotel is designed with floor to ceiling windows, and also some rooms have the facility of terrace view, presenting you a happening and thrilling view of the city.

3) Four Seasons Hotel– It is residing in the Tribeca district of New York giving you a taste of luxury. This hotel is comprised of a lap pool, pool sides and spas – offering a relishing experience.

New york is not just another place, it could be regarded as the essence of the world. Travelin Business is presenting you the same luxurious and essential experience by booking your flight tickets with us. We assure that your experience is going to be worthwhile.