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Come and fly first, business and premium economy to Perth with us, and experience the authenticated services being catered to you. We take utmost pride in informing our customers that we have esteemed quality staff and their main focus would be to make your journey to Perth worthwhile. Once you book your tickets with us, it’s our assurance that you will prefer us again.


Perth is an extravagant place, which is situated in a primordial land which is diverse in culture and is authentic. It is a growing city, with a home to approximately 2 million people. This is far from being just ordinary, as it is embodied by 19 beautiful beaches..


1) Swan River- This river is a perfect setting for outdoor fun and it could be consummate for a picnic in the riverside park, bike around the paths, sail, swim, etc. If interested in seeing posh houses, you can hop onto a river cruise and see them in plenty.

2) Beaches- Everybody loves to soak up the sun, enjoy at the beach and spend some quality time. The beaches of Perth are extraordinary, namely, Cottesloe which is the best beach. Port Beach and City Beach have a playground for children and a perfect spot to have a picnic.

3) The Perth Mint- As Australia is very proclaimed about Gold, this place offers an entire glimpse into the history of it. The exhibition exhibit the world’s largest coin, which weighs one tonne, as well as gold nuggets and bullion. The guides will take you into interesting discernment about the history, and also the tour includes a short film which tells us everything about gold.

4) Kings Park and botanic garden- It is one of the stupendous inner-city parks in the world. Almost two third of this park is concealed with multiplicity of plants and birds. The botanic garden is sized 18 hectares and is alluring. Kings Park can be summed up as a jewel in the city crown, the beauty it renders is priceless.


1) Fremantle Market- This market is 100 years old and offers a coruscating culture and bequest. It is a public market, which has shops for over 150 craftspeople, fashion designers, merchants, etc. You can have a fabulous time here as there are plenty of things to see.

2) Lesmurdie Falls- This is located in the Lesmurdie National Park, and has been considered one of the best waterfalls. As soon as you enter this place, you will be captivated by the breathtaking view. This area has a large park, three large picnic tables and so much more.

3) Burns Beach- This beach could be considered as an epitome of beauty and tranquility. You will attain so much peace and excitement here. Burn beach has a gorgeous coast walk or bike trail that would take you for miles. Also, it consists of nice cafes so that you can sip on some cold coffee or slurpees, and have a nice view of the surroundings.

Perth effortlessly amalgamate suburban cool with raw wholesome beauty. Everything should be equivalent to the beauty it delivers, so book your flight tickets with Travelin Business and have a opulent journey. We promise that we won’t let you down.